3-Ply Masks

SPECS global

SPECS global offers surgical masks, civilian masks, and medical masks for you to choose from. View more below.



SPECS global

We offer three different levels of gloves for you to choose from. We offer Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl in sizes from 4MM to 8MM


SPECS global

Our high quality gowns come in multiple materials and we offer sterile and non-sterial gowns. 



SPECS global

Whether you are looking for alcohol or non-alcohol based wipes or sanitizer, we have them all in multiple deliverable sizes.


SPECS global

We now sell COVID-19 testing, and they are EUA/FDA approved. View more about our blood pricking tests below. 


Other Products

SPECS global

Visit our Other Products to see what else we offer – anything from Thermometers to Bouffant Caps.

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